With all the Challenges that Come with Recruiting Today, You May Need to Try Some New Tools

The Great Resignation. The Great Reawakening. The Great Reshuffle. The Great Reckoning. The list goes on, but no matter what you want to call it, these are unprecedented times for anyone connected to recruiting. You don’t need to hear it from any news source, you’ve felt the effects firsthand. Recruiters have hundreds of reqs on their plates while facing a limited talent pool, stretched budgets and unrealistic expectations from hiring managers. Talent professionals are working to be advocates for their employees, struggling to keep the talent they have while managers are often more focused on the bottom line. 

The burden of this shift in the hiring landscape has landed firmly on the shoulders of recruiters and HR professionals, who are facing almost insurmountable tasks. Filling roles and keeping talent engaged is hard enough without the added strain of a global pandemic, changing work priorities, and a talent shortage.

There’s a lot of frustration amongst recruiters and HR professionals. They’re being asked to attract talent and make sure employees are engaged and happy while still dealing with the same challenges they’ve always dealt with— sky-high expectations of hiring managers, differing company priorities, and the unpredictable nature of people! 

While employee satisfaction is higher now than it was in 2018 (pre-pandemic), more and more employees are interested in other opportunities and plan to leave in the next year. 

More than that, priorities have shifted. Functional benefits like salary and healthcare remain important to job seekers and employees but they aren’t the number one priority. “Identity benefits” matter most to today’s job seekers and these benefits drive engagement and retention amongst your employees, according to ITA Group, Inc.’s latest research.

What are identity benefits exactly? 

These are benefits that result from feeling connected to your organization, being able to bring your full self to the job, and not having to hide aspects of your life or personality at work. Authenticity counts a lot. So does being part of a company with a culture that resonates strongly with employees.

The mission, vision, and values of your organization really do matter to employees. And if that mission doesn’t ring true to them, if they don’t feel like the work they are doing aligns with those values, then they’ll vote with their feet. 

So what can you do? 

Christina Zurek, Insights and Strategy Leader for ITA Group, Inc., suggests that recruiters and HR professionals will need to think more like marketers when communicating your company’s values to current and potential employees. The mission, vision, and values of your company need to be woven into every aspect of your communications, internal and external.

But identity benefits can be challenging to communicate. Especially since recruiters have different skill sets than marketers and very different objectives within an organization. 

At the SHRM Talent conference, we heard over and over from recruiters that they want to communicate more clearly about the purpose, mission and values of their company, but they’re not sure how. They want a better way to communicate with job-seekers what their open positions would actually be like. To share what it would be like to work at their company. They need to be able to cut through the noise.

The average person is met with an onslaught of messages every day, and some of those messages are from other companies offering jobs. How will you stand out?

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re feeling the pain of trying to fill your open roles and keep your employees engaged. 

The good news? 

HR professionals have skills that marketers don’t. You know your people! And you know what stories job seekers respond to.

All you need is a tool to help tell the stories that matter. 

What if there were a simple tool to get these important messages in front of potential job seekers?

There is! It’s called WorkReels. 

WorkReels was created to help recruiters get the messages that matter out to both passive and active job seekers where they are researching potential opportunities – on social media. 

Do you want to get the attention of passive job seekers for your company and open jobs? 

Learn more at workreels.com. 

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