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Monday, May 10, 2021

Savvy recruiters have a lot to tackle these days: remote hiring and a competitive landscape, where there aren’t enough qualified candidates to go around. As candidates have their choice of appealing positions, recruiters must think strategically about recruiting the right people.

That’s the problem.

But what’s the solution?

How can you ensure that your recruiting efforts are having an impact?

Recruiters need to reinvent the way they approach recruiting candidates by using weapons from the marketer’s arsenal. In a world where there are not enough skilled candidates to go around, recruiters must target prospective candidates by effectively highlighting the employer brand, creating job posts that stand out from the rest and selling their company as one that candidates are dying to work for!

But if there aren’t enough skilled candidates to go around, how can you be sure that you will attract a qualified job-seeker?

We’re going to let you in on a secret: you don’t need to attract an active job-seeker to find a candidate qualified for your position.

The biggest untapped talent pool is passive job-seekers. These are individuals who may not even know that they are open to new positions. BUT, when you create something that captures their attention and imagination, they might just think about jumping ship where they wouldn’t have considered it otherwise.

Boring, run-of-the-mill job posts don’t have the power to make candidates rethink their current trajectory. Engaging, compelling, authentic content has the power to transform a passive job-seeker into an active one; an active job seeker that may be the perfect candidate for your hard-to-fill, highly-skilled position.

To engage with passive job-seekers you must create content that not only addresses baseline, run-of-the-mill questions but also addresses a deeper and growing concern amongst the talent pool. Salary and benefits are certainly still important, but job seekers recognize that if they don’t like who they’re working with and for, they won’t stay for very long. Nowadays, there are a variety of factors that can influence a job seeker’s decision: company culture, employee value proposition and work-life balance.

You must make sure your content is actively answering these questions. Don’t wait for candidates to discover your awesome company culture, show them upfront.

We know that this can be challenging. This isn’t what you initially expected when you signed on as a recruiter. You may be thinking that you don’t have the creativity or skill set to create content that attracts the right candidates.

Here’s why you’re wrong:

There is no one better positioned to create candidate-facing content than a recruiter. You know what is important to job-seekers. You’ve got your boots on the ground and you’re in the trenches with candidates! You’ve listened to the questions and concerns of applicants day in and day out and you’ve addressed those concerns in real-time! You’ve seen the responses of candidates in the moment and you know what is important to them. Recruiters, more than anyone, should be given the license to create the content geared toward job-seekers. You don’t have to be a marketer to create great content, you just need to know who you’re speaking to and what matters to them.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, reach out to a WorkReels representative to talk about how you can tell your most compelling story and attract the right candidates,

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