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  • Take One includes everything you need to make your first WorkReels video. Film as much as you want and receive one free WorkReels social clip for use across your social channels
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  • See for yourself how easy WorkReels makes filming and producing high-quality recruiting videos
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  • Select WorkReels Star to film three unique stories about your company that will be used to make 12 videos. You receive 9 social clips and 3 WorkReels movies to share with your job seekers
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  • Fresh, authentic and hiqh-impact videos delivered across your social media channels are key to getting and keeping the attention of your ideal candidates
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  • Select WorkReels Superstar to film a new story each month for 48 videos. You receive 36 social clips and 12 WorkReels movies to share with your job seekers
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  • Enable teams within your company to make videos for all their talent acquisition needs. Receive preferred access to our Customer Success team
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What is a WorkReels social clip?

A social clip is a 15-30 second video intended for repeated posting across social media channels

What is a WorkReels Movie?

A movie is a 2:00 to 2:30 minute long video intended for display on a company web page or for sharing directly with prospective candidates

How does WorkReels compare?


💰 Pricing starts at $500 for a package of four videos.  WorkReels is priced at about 1/20 the cost of a a video production company.

🎥 The WorkReels mobile app quickly and easily guides participants through filming in 25 minutes or less

🚦 Easily see and review content all in one place

⏱ Fast professional editing and review is included. Your videos are edited within 48 hours after filming is complete.

Video Production Company

💰 Pricing often starts at $10,000 or more for an on-site video production team

🎥 Filming is intrusive and requires considerable in-person time from you and anyone being filmed

🚦 Managing an approval process is often challenging and slow

⏱ Limited resources means editing takes longer – often many days or even weeks before you see a cut of your video