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Companies that don’t want to be left in the dust will have to embrace virtual recruiting. But don’t think of it as a chore! There are a lot of pluses to virtual recruiting that you may not be considering. One of the biggest pluses to virtual recruiting (besides the reduced cost) is the larger candidate pool! Gone are the days when students and recruiters have to be in the same location to get value from the relationship. Since recruiting can be done virtually, your materials are much more accessible to different student types you may have been missing before! 

The Busy-Bee: 

A lot of students, especially those in their junior or senior year (your target demographic), have very busy schedules to contend with when considering whether or not they should attend their university’s campus recruiting events. In their last couple of semesters, they may be taking more classes to make sure they have met all of their requirements. They may also be taking on different internships, athletics or part/full-time jobs. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they have a great work ethic, it could! You don’t want to miss out on students who will give their all to your company, just because they couldn’t fit your event into their busy schedule. Juniors and seniors are also very likely living off-campus, throwing up one more roadblock for them to attend your in-person, on-campus event.

The Parent/Caretaker/Differently Abled individuals:

A lot of students may have family responsibilities that they have to attend to, outside of their school schedules, which could quickly sap their bandwidth. This may be especially true for students who are getting their master’s degrees. In the past, they may have been precluded from attending your campus recruiting events. Virtual recruiting events open up your efforts to differently-abled individuals who may not have been able to access your events before.

The Traveler: 

In their last few years at college, many students will choose to take part in a semester abroad program, many are even required to as part of their degree program. You don’t want to penalize students for broadening their horizons and gaining valuable life experience. 

The Night Owl:

Recruiters sometimes forget that students may take their classes at night to accommodate their lifestyle. You are asking a lot of a student to interrupt their natural rhythms. If they can’t easily and naturally fit you into their schedule, then chances are that they won’t! 

When you add all of these groups together it could account for a significant percentage of the student population! You don’t want to miss out on fantastic candidates just because they fall into one of these groups. Virtual recruiting allows students the opportunity to take part in your recruiting events whenever they have a minute to spare! It doesn’t necessarily have to be at a specific time or location. In an environment where there aren’t enough skilled candidates to go around, you must be sure you are speaking to as many students as possible! Make sure you’re not ruling out a huge portion of the student population, try virtual. Try Workreels,

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