Solve Your Talent Acquisition Woes with Video

Workers are no longer settling for the first job offered to them. Instead, they spend their time and attention meticulously evaluating different opportunities to find positions that better align with their wants and needs. That could be a more flexible schedule or a bump in salary— but with salary rising across the board, that isn’t the only consideration that workers are taking into account. Job-seekers spend time researching to find positions that will be fulfilling for them! They want jobs that meet their mental and physical needs. This shift affects everyone in the job market, even individuals with jobs will start exploring the current job landscape and seeing what it has to offer.

Why are workers making the leap?

Looking for better: Many workers have a newfound sense that they will find a job that speaks to them, one that lets them do what they love and less of what they hate. The leisure and hospitality industry in particular has been hit hard as the great resignation sweeps the nation. Almost 900,000 workers in leisure and hospitality quit their jobs this past August.

Reconsidering priorities: Workers are also rethinking their priorities and values due to the pandemic and its effects. What work/life balance do they want? Where do they want to live and work? What is important to them now? How do they want to spend their days?

Alignment with personal vision: Beyond their day-to-day work preferences, workers are also taking a broader look at the company they work for and asking whether the company’s mission aligns with their own: What does the company do? Who are their customers? What impact do they have on the world— good, bad?

With all of these considerations, many are evaluating where they are right now and deciding they aren’t happy.

But how do these new job seekers go about looking for their next opportunity?

They are spending much more time researching their next opportunity upfront – well before they apply. In addition to company sites like a careers page and company social media pages, potential job seekers are looking across their social network for any information about a company. They trust people they know more than almost any other source. Video sites are also among the most popular ways to learn about potential employers. Job seekers want to get a strong sense of whether they’re a good fit for the new job and company before they put effort into applying.

For employers, the current job search environment has become a zero-sum game with potential candidates coming directly from a previous job rather than rejoining the workforce after a long absence. How can employers make their opportunities more attractive for workers who might be considering a change?

Of course, you can think about offering a higher salary or adding new perks for a position. But as salaries and benefits increase across the board, factors related to fit, culture and alignment of personal mission increasingly determine a job seekers next move.

With every aspect of job search becoming more digital, ensuring you have a powerful digital presence is of the utmost importance. A careers page used to count as a digital presence, but job seekers today are looking for more. Much more. Current and lively social media pages offer more tangible engagement with a company’s personality for potential job seekers to identify with. Social media also provides a way for employers to communicate messages directly to job seekers.

For most employers, communicating with potential job seekers in a way that encourages them to apply to open jobs is a continuous challenge. How can a talent acquisition professionals anticipate the questions that job seekers might ask? How can they get ahead of all the information about their company across the internet? How can they focus the conversation on what is happening within their company now?

Organizations are turning towards video as the most efficient way to communicate with potential job seekers.

So how will video help you get better candidates for your open positions?

Video makes what you’re already doing much more effective.

Let’s examine some of Indeed’s recruiting best practices and how video buoys those efforts.

Compelling Job Descriptions: Of course you know you need compelling job descriptions, but that is easier said than done. You want your job post to be entertaining and capture your viewer’s attention but also convey all the relevant details about your position. Even if you hired the best writer, you’d still be hamstrung by the limitations of the written word. While you can paint a picture using descriptive language, video helps you to show job-seekers what they can expect from your position. Job post videos get across more information in a shorter amount of time!

Using Social Media: 4.48 BILLION (yes, billion with a B.) people currently use social media. Social media is an outlet you can’t afford to overlook when it comes to finding recruits for your open roles. But getting traction on social media is not easy by any stretch. It's like an 8,000 piece puzzle. Navigating the algorithm to reach the right audience is a huge part of the puzzle. Using video on your social media channels is like finding the corner pieces for your puzzle. Video will give you the building blocks to reach your target audience. How? Social media videos are a valuable internet currency. Video posts on social media get 48% more views than posts without video. That is a whole new audience that you can reach!

Instituting a Referral Program: You already know that one of the best ways to find quality candidates is to enlist the assistance of your company’s current employees. Your employees know better than anyone who would make a good fit for your company— what skills, knowledge and abilities successful candidates would need. Current employees are also very well equipped to attract candidates to your company by sharing unique insights about your organization. With video, you can recreate this on a massive scale.

See what we mean about video enhancing your current efforts? It just makes sense. You can’t afford to spend months searching for candidates.

Returning to our earlier example of the leisure and hospitality industry, statistics say your company is hurting for talent. Six months ago you might have been able to spend days or weeks findingr the right candidates for your open positions. But with restaurants reopening and travel picking back up, that time frame is now measured in weeks or months.

It might be time to see how video can accelerate your recruiting efforts.

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