Recruiting on Campus

Monday, May 10, 2021

Even before the pandemic hit, recruiting on college campuses was no easy feat. Recruiters have long been facing the difficult challenge of making their mark in a competitive landscape. Now, positions are plentiful and the right candidates are few and far between.

In the past, recruiters have been able to engage directly with students at job fair events, where personal connections are created that may sway candidates to your favor. Now, with many events becoming and staying virtual, a little creativity can go a long way towards  attracting the right candidates for your position.

You may be asking yourself “should I really invest in creating content for virtual recruiting when it’s only temporary?” The answer is a resounding “YES!!!!!”.

And for a couple of reasons. Recruiters who don’t make the switch to virtual recruiting this year will miss out on talented applicants as almost half of students believe that recruiters who don’t go virtual will fall behind. But why should you create new content specifically geared toward long-term virtual recruiting efforts?

Campus recruiters are discovering that virtual recruiting can be just as effective, in fact, even MORE effective than in-person recruiting if you create the right content. Virtual recruiting could very likely be the way of the future so embrace it now and make content that will work for you!  

Your virtual content needs to answer the real questions job seekers are asking. You can’t just tell candidates to go look at your website to get an idea of your company, they can do that on their own. And they do; 90% of job-seekers will go to a business’s website before meeting with them. Show them something different from what is on the company website and give them a unique experience; shadow a current employee, talk to someone who held the position they would be applying for, interview a recent alumnus from their school who has been successful at your company or record a Q and A session to answer questions. When you embrace the shift to virtual, it is important to make sure you don’t lose the human touch. You want content to feel personal and specific to each candidate’s concerns (even if it’s not!). To stand out, you must create innovative, engaging, authentic content.

If you still feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating videos for campus recruiting, don’t worry. Schedule a call with a WorkReels representative who can help you to craft engaging content for your efforts.

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