Introducing WorkReels

Well, we did it: as this post is being published the WorkReels team is hobnobbing with the best and brightest in the recruiting technology space.  

The day has come! After months of hinting and tiptoeing around what WorkReels is, we can finally share what we’ve been working on with the world.

And boy, are we excited. At WorkReels, we believe there’s a better, more effective way to recruit the best candidates for your open positions.


By sharing who you are with prospective applicants-- in a way that’s vastly more authentic than job post copy  allows.

So we created an app.

With the WorkReels app, you can create powerful videos that attract candidates who know why they want to work for you.

We’ve spent the last year talking with talent teams, recruiters and business owners and hear there’s a need for this as they navigate unprecedented change.

With huge labor shortages, you’ve got to be able to grab the attention of both active and passive job-seekers. Hiring has never been more difficult.

John Dubock, our growth manager, hears just how tumultuous recruiting can be nowadays. “It’s an unusual time for hiring in any industry it seems. WorkReels  is so to the point and affordable- and the focus on people both in front of mobile cameras and behind the scenes makes all the difference,” said John.  

Erin McEwen, our customer success manager, knows that the impact of a product like this is the messages we’ll be able to share: “What I’ve loved about seeing companies use WorkReels is how empowering it is. WorkReels lets companies craft their own narrative and control it, from start to finish- without dealing with the burdens that come with traditional video production. It has been incredible to witness employees sharing their unique perspectives.”

Want to take a look? Check out this video created entirely by Tri-National, Inc. employees to attract hard-to-hire truck drivers to their open positions.

But how does it work?

Well, WorkReels utilizes an abundant natural resource you have in your company. What is that you may be wondering? Your employees! They’re likely your strongest advocates! WorkReels amplifies the voice of your workforce by helping you to create videos about your company’s culture, featuring the people who know it best.

These videos are easy to film and help you to highlight what makes your company a great place to work.

But isn’t it hard to film a video? How are we supposed to know what to film? Isn’t this going to take a lot of time?

We’ve got that covered too. With WorkReels, you can choose from our library of customizable, tried and tested storylines, create a storyline from scratch or consult with one of our experts! We want this to be easy. So we created an app that does the heavy lifting- like coordinating and reminding your team of film dates, telling your team what to record and helping you to choose the best content.

Companies have finished filming their WorkReels in as little as 25 minutes. With everything mapped out for you, filming should be quick and easy.

Unlike a production company, WorkReels are filmed at your own pace and wherever employees may be, so you can put the pedal to the metal or take the scenic route— it’s all up to you!

WorkReels professional editors take what you’ve recorded and make it into high-quality video that is optimized for social media, your jobs page or really, wherever you see fit.

WorkReels is changing the way companies communicate.

We’re excited to share WorkReels with the world.

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