Don't Miss WorkReels at HR Transform!

WorkReels is a game-changing tool that is revolutionizing how companies recruit new talent. At the HR Transform conference, WorkReels showcased an innovative video recruiting tool that empowers companies to showcase their culture, highlight their team, and tell their story in a way that is engaging and memorable. As a leader in HR technology, we understand the importance of finding the right talent for a business to succeed. That’s why we created the WorkReels app that allows companies to easily make and share authentic, high-quality videos for recruiting, onboarding, and training for a fraction of the cost of traditional production. WorkReels videos deliver 10x the engagement of text. With employees recording on their own devices and WorkReels doing all the editing, companies can easily share the voice of their workforce with potential recruits. But that’s not all-- Conversations at Transform gave us a lot to think about as our customers continue to discover new uses for WorkReels.

  • We heard that HR teams are seeking out new and creative ways to foster employee engagement, keeping employees connected with each other and their careers as a big priority. The upheaval of the past few years has HR teams seeking new ways to invest in motivating their existing workforce.
  • Company culture is still a strong focus with a renewed understanding that a new hires perform better and stay longer when their perspective is aligned with their employer. And for recruiting, culture is a strong way to compete for talent in an attention-starved environment.
  • We also heard more about the impact video is having within the workplace. Companies understand that video is an ideal way to communicate quickly and effectively with their workforce. The impact of TikTok and video social media is just beginning to be felt.

If you’re interested in learning more about how WorkReels can help your company achieve its recruitment and retention goals, visit our website at

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